Bruno’s unreasonably symbiotic relationship with his mother, Toni, is put to the test when her new partner, Hannah, moves into their shared bungalow in Spain. Until now, Bruno has been the sole focus of his mother’s attention, but now he is forced to share it with Hannah.


Duration: 95 minutes


  • Julius Nitschkoff
  • Lana Cooper
  • Karin Hanczewski
  • Moritz Führmann
  • Zoe Trommler
  • Cosima Henman


  • Writer | Director | Director of Photography:
    André Szardenings
  • Producers: Katharina Kolleczek | Lea Neu
  • Editor: Antonia-Marleen Klein
  • Lighting: Thorben Winkler
  • 1. Camera assistant | Stills:
    Urs Kusche
  • Sound Design| Sound Editor | Sound Mixer: Carl Lukas Rabl
  • Production Design: Till Kleinau | André Szardenings
  • Costume Design: Kaya Olbs
  • Makeup Artist: Lea Reitberger
  • Music: Eduardo Noya Schreus
  • Grading: We fade to grey | Philip Whitfield
  • VFX: Loniac GmbH | Julian Peters


  • Network: Bayerischer Rundfunk | Editor: Natalie Lambsdorff
  • Production: IFS Internationale Filmschule Köln | Bayerischer Rundfunk | André Szardenings
  • Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Behind the Scenes