about us

We are Lea Neu and Katharina Kolleczek, and we share two great passions: watching films and making films.

Together, we have set ourselves the goal of producing films and series that are diverse, young, dynamic, and exciting. We want to shake things up, stimulate and provoke. For this purpose, we work with a pool of creative people who are courageous, attentive, humorous, political, feminist, and team-oriented. We strive for a working environment in the film industry that recognizes and dismantles privileges, is family-friendly, and at the same time offers more artistic freedom. With this endeavor, we founded kalekone film in 2019.


We met in 2014 during our first internship on the set of a feature film, and since then, we have mostly worked together in various positions in film and TV productions. From 2017 to 2021, we studied production and media economics at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). Before attending HFF, we each obtained a bachelor’s degree, Katharina in communication science and Lea in IT management.

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